Pianist & Composer


Pianist & Composer

New Singles From Truyols Music Group

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Albums now available on itunes and spotify! 

Alive! Compositions by Antonio Truyols and Chocolate Sketches: Music from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory are available on iTunes and Spotify. Alive! is a compositional profile with music across a number of genres including spoken word, classical chamber music, pop, jazz, and flamenco. Chocolate Sketches includes classic compositions by Leslie Bricusse and Antonio Truyols, all arranged and performed by Unit Three.

    New Album "Chocolate Sketches" now available on iTunes and Spotify


"American pianist Antonio Truyols raises the roof for an enthusiastic crowd of 500 at Ningbo Concert Hall."

~Consulate General of the United States

"Antonio Truyols unravels radiant solos."

~All About Jazz

"His style is free and unrestrained, but also highlights the talent that only exists in a master."

~Tianjin Post

"Truyols' sound is smooth, professional, live perfection with swing... a generous outpouring of spontaneous, sustainable energy that the crowd enthusiastically enjoyed"

~DC Metro Theater Arts